Stephanie Lay (uncanny_valley) wrote,
Stephanie Lay

Ongoing research asides, ideas and questions.

This post is where I want to keep a note of ongoing asides and research questions that aren't currently the focus of my research, but may be interesting or useful for discussion purposes or to inform further research. I'm also noting ideas of potential commerical areas that may be worth exploring in future.

January 2007

  • Comparing UV effect elicited by CGI and morphed faces: morphed images less viscerally creepy, but more unsettling as they are 'perfect' but flat? Is this just me or a general reaction? From here.

  • Emotional expression and UV response. Idea from looking at the Ever2 robot, details here.

November 2006

  • UV effects in non-human faces.

  • UV effect stronger if face manipulated is a well-known face?

October 2006

  • Kemp, Future Face - potential collaborative work?</i>
  • UV and habituation - can you get too used to this sort of face to see the effect?

  • Heavy Rain - potential commercial area to explore?

  • Bruce and Young, chapter 2: neurological basis for FP. However, I've only got the older version of the book - need to get hold of reprint, if possible?
Tags: asides

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