June 30th, 2013


About this journal - my studies of the uncanny valley

This LJ is all about my research into the uncanny valley at the Open University. I began this journal during my MSc in 2003, and plan to complete my PhD thesis in 2013 - I'm studying part-time while I work full time, also with the Open University.

As well as writing about my own studies, I've written about where the uncanny valley has been mentioned by other bloggers, writers and academics. Therefore, while this journal serves as a record for me of how my plans and thoughts have developed, I hope it is also a useful resource for interested readers.

I am putting togather a gallery of images which I feel particularly trigger the uncanny valley effect, and it can be found here.

I am always keen to talk to people who are interested in this area, and have enjoyed opportunities to contribute to books, academic papers and art installations. If you'd like to talk, please do get in touch by email.

I'm always looking for more images to use as part of my research. If you'd like to contribute an image of an almost-human face or figure that you've found particularly unsettling, please leave a comment on this entry or contact me at the email address above.