Stephanie Lay (uncanny_valley) wrote,
Stephanie Lay

Virtual tube ride 'paranoia hope'

A virtual reality ride on the London Underground may help treat paranoia, experts believe.
King's College London has developed a programme simulating a journey where a person interacts with other travellers.
A third of the 200 people studied had paranoid thoughts, with those anxious and worried most likely to do so, the British Journal of Psychiatry said.

There's a clip of the VR simulation that participants saw on the iPlayer here - I'm frankly not surprised that the level of discomfort was so high, several of the avatars trigger a strong UV effect - the unnatural motion, slow and jerky head movements and dead eyes are so striking it would be hard to see this as a real journey rather than a nightmare carriage populated by re-animated corpses.
Tags: tube, uv, vr

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